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AMX-30 production occurred at the Atelier de Construction de Roanne in the town of Roanne. This heavy manufacturing factory was built during World War I to produce artillery shells, although by 1952 the factory had begun producing armoured fighting vehicles. Before producing the AMX-30, for example, it had made 1,900 AMX-13s and variants AMX-30 är en fransk stridsvagn från 1960-talet.AMX-30 står för Ateliers de construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux 30 tonnes, det konstruktionskontor som ritade den.Den vägde ca 30 ton i ursprungligt utförande

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AMX-30 har stor rörlighet, men tunt pansar. Chassiet är gjutet i delar och svetsat medan tornet är gjutet i ett stycke. Motor och växellåda sitter baktill och kan monteras bort som en enhet på mindre än en timme i fält.. The AMX-30 is a gift Rank V French medium tank with a battle rating of 7.7 (AB/RB/SB). It was introduced in Update 1.77 Advancing Storm.. General info Survivability and armour. The armour only reaches 190 mm at some angled parts of the front, the turret goes 100mm at best, some rank I vehicles like the Panzer IV E could take you on frontally and easily win

AMX-30 Battle Tank. Berkshire, United Kingdom: Profile Publications Ltd. Perez-Guerra, Jaime (1 April 1987). Spanish AMX-30 MBT upgrade program. Jane's International Defence Review. Jane's. Rudnick, David (April 1976). Atlantic Relations: Policy Co-ordination and Conflict (The Case of the Leopard Tank). International Affairs AMX-30 FORAD (Force Adverse), representing a T-72, on maneuverOne of the most unique features of the AMX-30 was the Obus à Charge Creuse de 105 mm Modèle F1 (Obus G) HEAT projectile and its main gun, the Modele F1, a monoblock steel 105-millimeter (4.1 in) cannon. HEAT warheads suffer when spin stabilized, a product of rifled barrels, causing the French to develop the Obus G, (Gresse)

The AMX-30 main battle tank was developed in late 1950's to meet the French Army requirements. About 2 800 of these main battle tanks including variants were built for the French Army and export customers. The AMX-30 is considered as the worst protected main battle tank ever buil AMX-30 är en fransk stridsvagn från 1960-talet. AMX-30 står för Ateliers de construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux 30 tonnes, det konstruktionskontor som ritade den. Den vägde ca 30 ton i ursprungligt utförande The AMX 30 1er prototype is a French tier 9 medium tank. Developed as part of a competitive search for a unified European tank. The vehicle turned out to have maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1 The AMX 30 B is a French tier 10 medium tank.. Developed in 1966. The vehicle had maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1

Its 105 mm gun fires both the OCC 105 G1 shell found on the first AMX-30, but also the dreaded and powerful OFL 105 F1 which is nothing less than the second most powerful APFSDS shell in the battle rating bracket. The AMX-30B2 is also the only medium tank that has access to thermal imaging device at this battle rating Exercice d'entrainement au combat des pelotons d'AMX Leclerc, sur le camp de Mailly. La FORAD force adverse est équipée d'AMX 30 et se livre à une traque a..

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Meng Model model kit in scale 1:35, TS-013 is a rebox released in 2014 | Contents, Previews, Reviews, History + Marketplace | AMX 30 | EAN: 489703855056 AMX-30 B2 was an improved version featuring an enhanced fire control system. In the 1980s France proposed a very improved variant known as the AMX-40 for the export market. In the mid-1990s the French began replacement of AMX-30 by Leclerc Main Battle Tank. More than 2,300 AMX-30s were produced for the French Army and export customers

The AMX-30 stemmed from a post-World War 2 design that saw many nations in Europe attempting to refit and update their armor inventories. With a three-way organized effort between West Germany, France and Italy to design and produce a tank similar to the US-made M47 Patton series (already in large stock in French inventory) but up-gunned while carrying less weight, West German and French. AMX-30 DCA Air-defense version. 2x30mm guns on AMX-30 chassis. This version features an AMX 30 chassis fitted with an updated, power operated version of an AMX-13 turret. The turret has twin 30mm cannons that have 600 rounds ready to fire, and another 900 rounds in reserve. The radar system is mounted on the rear of the turret. GCT/AU-F AMX-30 Tank Platoon (Plastic) Lagerstatus (ingen siffra beställningsvara) Antal: 2. 0.00 SEK. 289.00 SEK. Artikelnummer: TFBX01. Flera populära produkter. AMX-10P Platoon. 289.00 SEK AMX-13 DCA AA Platoon. 359.00 SEK AMX-10 RC Recce Platoon. 309.00 SEK.

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  1. The AMX-30's replacement was the AMX-56 Leclerc (shortened to just the Leclerc), which was introduced in 1992. At first glance this might seem to suggest that the French are out of luck as far as new models go, but that's not quite correct
  2. AMX 30 Tier 9, Medium tank. Developed as part of a competitive search for a unified European tank. The vehicle turned out to have maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1
  3. Семейство amx-30 Средние танки AMX-30 (1972) · AMX-30B2 · AMX-30B2 BRENUS · AMX-30 · AMX-30 ACRA · AMX-30 Supe
  4. AMX 30 3D models for download, files in 3ds, max, c4d, maya, blend, obj, fbx with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options

AMX 30/105 / 1:72 / Frankrike / Efter Andra Världskriget / Stridsvagnar / Militär fordon och utrustning / Modellbygge Average HP, Average DPM, Penetration 250, Damage 350, Reload time: 6.90, Precise, Good gun depression, Fast, Good mobility, Good view range. All about the tank. AMX-30 · AMX 40 · AMX 50 · Centurion · Challenger 1 · Chieftain · Ch'ŏnma-ho · EE-T1 Osório · K1 88 · Leopard 1 · Leopard 2 · M1 Abrams · M60 Patton · M-84 · Magach · MBT-70 · Merkava · OF-40 · Stridsvagn 103 · T-54/55 · T-62 · T-64 · T-72 · T-80 · TAM · TR-85 · Type 59 · Type 61 · Type 69/79 · Type 74 · Type 88. AMX 30. 182 likes. We're celebrating 30 years! AMX hardware and software solutions simplify the way people interact with technology

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  1. Blitz AMX 30 B - read more about AMX 30 B, play free mobile online mmo game for ios and androi
  2. The AMX-30D is a French armored recovery vehicle. Its French designation is AMX-30 Char de Depannage, or literally assistance tank. It was designed to support the AMX-30 tanks and other armored vehicles. It was the first mass produced variant of the AMX-30, adopted in 1973
  3. Developed in 1966. The vehicle had maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1. Great view range allowed the vehicle's commander to coordinate the actions of the crew and to maintain situational awareness, greatly increasing the vehicle's effectiveness. The armor of the vehicle was quite thin, but it was.
  4. AMX 30/105 HELLER / 1:35 / Militär teknik / Eduard / Mikrolitografi element / Extra tillbehör

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  1. AMX-30(B) SAMM Introduction: In 1968 the French Army was posed with a technical dilemma. Despite being developed just five years earlier as part of the failed Europanzer Project, the AMX-30 was beginning to show its age in light of its allied counterparts. The tank was well rounded in its general..
  2. AMX 30 B video review covering the main vehicle characteristics and its combat behavior. Developed in 1966. The vehicle had maneuverability, engine power, and effective anti-tank engagement distance superior to all other vehicles except the Leopard 1
  3. AMX-30 Main Battle Tank (MBT) Spare Parts, Services, and Solutions provided by ISO Group. We support the AMX-30 Engine Assemblies, Drivetrain, Transmission, Track Shoe, Electrical Assemblies, Weapons Systems, and Accessories. Request a Quote, Upload your parts requirments
  4. Average HP, Average DPM, Penetration 232, Damage 310, Reload time: 6.65, Precise, Good gun depression, Fast, Good mobility, Good view range. All about the tank.

This 1/72 scale AMX-30 model was initially released in 1976. Heller reissued it some times. Contents[show] 199 (Early) 199 AMX 30 1st issue, released in 1976 199 (Late) 199 AMX 30 Canon de 105 2nd issue, released in 1979 79899 (Early) 79899 AMX 30/105 3rd issue, released in 2001 Manufacturer. Lo carri AMX 30 es un carri de combat principau francés desvolopat au començament deis annadas 1960. Intrèt en servici en 1966 au sen de l'armada francesa. 3 571 unitats foguèron produchas que la mitat foguèt exportada car lo blindat foguèt adoptat per unei país coma Espanha, Grècia, Veneçuela, Qatar o l'Arabia Saudita.Divèrsei versions foguèron produchas, en particular durant la. World of Tanks - tanks.g

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  1. The Super AMX-30's improved dynamics and excellent stabilizer help the tank roll out from behind cover, fire, and take cover again to reload, all without having to stop. Another important factor is that, as in certain other modifications of the AMX-30, the 20mm cannon has been replaced by a 12.7mm machine gun, which means that a main gun shot will probably be required to destroy light.
  2. Den AMX-30 är en stridsvagn designad av Ateliers de bygg d'Issy-les-Moulineaux (AMX, då GIAT) och först levereras till franska armén 1966. De första fem stridsvagnar utfärdades till 501. Régiment de Tecken de Combat (Tank Regiment) i augusti samma år. Produktionsversionen av AMX-30 vägde 36 ton (40 korta ton) och offrade skyddet för ökad rörlighet
  3. AMX-30(A) Introduction: The AMX-30(A) was the pre-production variant of the AMX-30 produced in 1965. It was based off the failed Europanzer Project between West Germany and France which ended in 1963. In 1961 a prototype was jointly constructed by Hispano-Suiza and AMX with the intention of provi..

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This pack includes: Super AMX-30 (Rank 6 France); 2000 Golden Eagles; Premium account for 15 days By integrating cutting-edge AMX Audio Video & Control Systems, integrators, Videopro, simplified Nov 03, 2020; Integrators Mahajak Development Co. Ltd., selected class-leading systems from JBL Professional an.. The AMX-30 AuF1 is a French self-propelled gun vehicle currently in use by the armies of France and Saudi Arabia.It replaced the former Mk F3 155mm in French Army service. The AuF1 primary advancement is that it incorporates and provides full armor and nuclear-biological-chemical protection for its crew of four, while the former Mk F3 155mm offered no protection and could carry only two of its. The French AMX-30 Tank - Uparmoured B2 Version The French AMX-30 Tank Background. Following the end of World War 2 and occupation of France, the countries arms industry had been in disarray and had attempted to manufacturer a heavy tank called the ARL 44 in 1946, but only 60 were manufactured following a number of problems with the vehicle We are pleased to present the 1972 model of the AMX-30, with which truly modern French tanks begin. Initially, the AMX-30 was developed to specifications from the armies of three countries - France, Italy and Germany, but the joint project collapsed and the AMX science and research centre undertook to finish the tank on its own

AMX 30 . Giat Industries has built and delivered to a dozen armies almost 2,300 AMX 30 main battle tanks, as well as 1,100 derivative versions (155 GCT self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft missile or gun systems, armoured recovery vehicles, etc.) AMX-30 er en fransk stridsvogn med 105 mm kanon, utviklet midt på 1950-tallet Amx 30 top engine worth it? - posted in French Vehicles: Just what the title is asking. Is it worth it? Looks like it drops the weight by 1 ton. As much crap as these tanks get I have completely out this line off until now. But with x2 from the hot wheels Cash grab I'm working through to these last few mediums I'm missing. On a side note, first match ever bone stock I got the mastery in it. Super AMX-30. The project of modernization of the French AMX-30B tanks was developed by a group of German companies in the second half of the 80s, and later on, was tested in Saudi Arabia, but was not accepted in the service

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  1. Flight status, tracking, and historical data for AeroMéxico 30 (AM30/AMX30) including scheduled, estimated, and actual departure and arrival times
  2. Amx-30 B2, save in 3d studio max8 + Vray adv 1.5 RC2 1892822 polygons 952868 vertices Turbosmoth modifiable. in the scene : - Vray metrial and texture + HDR - VRayPhysicalCamera - Vray sun - Vray sky - Vray GI active - the tan
  3. Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta
  4. ing the history of the AMX-30 battle tank, M.P. Robinson describes the development and introduction to service of this long serving weapon system
  5. Solido, Tank AMX 30, year 1965, in its box of origin, complete of all its elements, perfect condition, scale 1/50, ref 209. Very nice lo
  6. AMX-30B2 - War Thunder Wik
  7. AMX 30 TUEURS DE CHARS - YouTub
AMX-30 demonstration at Rétromobile (Paris) - YouTubeWoT leaks new french tanks images and tech tree | MMOWGLe canon 155 AUF1 - YouTubeVenezuelan Army Jaguar Tank image - Mod DBT26E4 SuperPershing - Global wikiChar de combat - Vikidia, l’encyclopédie des 8-13 ans
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